Guest Blog: Nurse Libbie

by Mark Addleman

Chapter Three:  For you have returned my life to me *    Every morning when I awake, I put my two feet on the ground and gratefully thank the almighty for returning my soul to me. This is the start for each and every day. Having been through a life threatening disease has taught me to…

Medical Marijuana in the Promised Land

by Mark Addleman

Medical Marijuana in the Promised Land A background A farm inland from Caesarea, looks rather similar to others in this vicinity. It is enclosed with high walls and its curved roofs of its greenhouses are visible from the outside. As one enters, , everything is clear. A profound aroma can be smelt. This is “Breath…

Helping Ethiopian Israeli Find Careers in Nursing

by Mark Addleman

Baza “Maya” Alemitu trained as a medic in the Israel Defense Forces. “I loved it. All I wanted after my army service was to be a nurse,” says the Ethiopian-born 26-year-old. “I was shattered when my psychometric grade wasn’t anywhere near high enough, I thought, to get into any nursing school in Israel.” Although Alemitu…

Guest Blog: Aly’s story

by Mark Addleman

Guest Blog: Aly’s Story- Chapter 2 Chanukah Samiach and Season’s greetings to all. As I sit here watching the light of the first candle reflect the wonderful miracle of Chanukah, I also reflect on the miracles being performed daily at Hadassah hospital. Some of the fantastic pictures on the website here bear testament to those…

Childless couple have first child

by Tammy Schwarz

Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, have for 30 years been fortunate to know Rabbi Yitzhak and Sima Peretz. Both 49 years of age have longed for children and have prayed for this moment for many years. Residents of the Givat Shaul neighbourhood of Jerusalem, they diligently prepared food for the hospital on Shabbat over all these…

Ambulance volunteer saved the life of his little daughter rushed to Hadassah

by Mark Addleman

by Yael Fridson The baby fell in the synagogue and suffered intracranial bleeding. Her father and a paramedic took her urgently to Hadassah, while she was sedated and ventilated. The nightmare scenario of every parent – the baby falls out of their hands – was the experience of  Jerusalem’s resident, Chavi, who took her seven…

Guest Blog; Aly’s Hadassah Blog

by Mark Addleman

Guest Blog: Aly’s Story- My name is Aly, and I’m proud and honoured to have been asked to write a blog for the Hadassah UK website.  I hope that my regular updates can help to give you an insight into what truly makes the Hadassah Hospital tick . . .  the building, the patients and…

A Culture of Research.

by Mark Addleman

From developing a melanoma vaccine to working on controlling diabetes, Hadassah’s multidisciplinary, collaborative approach is resulting in medical breakthroughs and innovations. Tens of thousands bless Travelan, the over-the-counter natural health product that helps prevent traveler’s diarrhea. The ultrasound device PainShield has wrought a revolution in healing chronic wounds. And PerioChip, inserted between tooth and gum,…

Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem Ranked #1 in Quality Assurance

by Hadassah.UK

  Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem has been ranked as the leading medical center in the country for quality assurance by Israel’s Ministry of Health. This is the second year that the Ministry has publicized its statistics, believing that this transparency encourages hospitals to improve their service. Rather than showcasing dramatic surgical results or breakthroughs, these…

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