Hadassah UK raises funds for the hospital in Jerusalem. We support programs which connect the UK community to patients in Israel and abroad.


Our Story

Hadassah International is a humanitarian organisation which supports the work of the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.



Hadassah Hospital is a leader in patient-centred medical excellence, providing much needed healing, teaching, research and outreach.

Hadassah Med


Meet Karen

“A few years ago, I started spending time with charitable opportunities at Hadassah. I was taken by the UK dept. and the committed work that it does raising money. I have met so many wonderful people making new friendships with volunteers and patients.”

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Our Campaigns

We raise funds for a variety of specific causes to help people learn about and get involved with Hadassah.
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Paediatric Care

With your help, Hadassah UK will be able to fund the essential medical equipment for two PICU rooms for new surgeries and we can respond to Hadassah's young patients' critical needs.

M.S. Research

This is a research area where the "best of Israel" - one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world - will soon impact patients within the community and around the world.

Medical Clowns


Hadassah's clowns channel the healing power of humour, bringing laughter to sick children, easing their fear, relaxing them and transforming their hospital experience.

Belong to a Legacy

For the next generation

There is always an opportunity to make a positive future impact by connecting with Hadassah in leaving a legacy with us. Know that your energy is being put to beneficial use for the betterment of others' lives.

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Our London Office is here to help. We view ourselves as building personal relationships with all UK donors. To talk to a real live person, please pick up the phone and give us a call on 020 8202 2860.

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Centre of excellence for healing, teaching and research


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